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COVID Policy

We can’t wait to see you celebrate the end of your matric journey!

12 December & 13 December

Joburg Rage promises to deliver an experience to you, our loyal fans for the year of 2020. The product will be different to that what we have delivered in the past due to Covid regulations. The Joburg Rage experience for 2020 will be a once a lifetime musical celebration of freedom.

General Questions

Joburg Rage is a two day festival. Kicking off on the 12th December and will end on 13th December 2020.

One Fox Junction –

Joburg Rage is the ultimate 3 day city music Turn-Up. Thousands of students will take over the city of Johannesburg in celebration of freedom, the end of an era and the start of a new journey. The event encompasses urban street culture, music and showcases multiple artists across various popular venues in and around the city that never sleeps.

At this level of lock down we will be sticking to the national curfew. Please get to the event early to ensure you experience the full day of entertainment.

The Turn Up: Saturday, December 12th: 16:00 – 22:00
Secret Sunday : Sunday, December 13th: 16:00 – 22:00

In the case that the level of lockdown curfew is lifted we will adjust the closing time accordingly.


This isn’t a question, it’s a statement. As our president regularly says: “it’s now in your hands South Africa.” Joburg Rage 2020 is no different. Whilst we will go to extraordinary measures to adapt the nature of the festival and ensure your safety, you need to respect us, your friends and fellow attendees and do your bit. Read the rules, FAQ’s and recommendations.

Come with a great attitude, ready to comply and play your part to ensure we have a smooth, safe and extremely low risk experience for all. We will have an absolute zero tolerance approach to anyone who compromises the safety of another person as we always have.

Of course! The Rage brand has become synonymous with safety and has often been seen as the benchmark for event safety protocols in SA. We are well aware that there is a virus and that every risk needs to be mitigated just as hotels, restaurants and airlines are doing.

Please speak to your GP and have yourself sent for a COVID-19 test. If you’re negative and start to feel better then we look forward to hosting you. If positive, please see the previous FAQ.

None of us can predict the future of course but we all want the same thing – to head to the coast and celebrate freedom together. So there is shared risk. As we are proceeding, we will start incurring more and more cost as we get closer to our 12 December start date. We do believe that the likelihood of this is low but it is important to be transparent and let you know what would happen if the “worst happened.” In this case our standard cancellation refund policy as per our website would apply. Refer to point 3.16 in our T&C’s.

Yes of course. Believe it or not, putting Rage together costs much more than we receive in Pass sales. To put that to numbers – the average price of a Joburg Rage pass is around R200. The total cost of the festival costs us R600 per person who attends. We make this up from sponsorships and other concession revenues like bar income. 2020 will be no different. We have venues to hire, fit and make absolutely amazing for you. You will most definitely get full value for whichever tier of your Joburg Rage Pass you have purchased.

Yes. All of the venues we work with will have special LEVEL UP areas created. You’ll often be closest to the DJ booth and will enjoy your own socially distanced private entrances.

Paying off your Pass/ Layup queries:
Please email layup directly

Yes of course, just in a different way. Imagine a weekend away just jam packed with epic moments, amazing city scenery and nothing but lit times. This year we are limiting the festival to 1000 pax so we may adhere to the government’s rules and ensure that we are compliant and are making your safety our number one priority.

This year it be a limited entry(1000 people only) outdoor festival with the countries best performers and Dj’s making for a weekend to never forget.

If it is still mandatory at the time then yes, otherwise no. Regardless, once you are at a table, booth or pod with your mates then you won’t need your mask on, similar to how restaurants and cafe’s work at the moment.

This is Joburg Rage… You don’t even have to ask! Program will reveal all. You’re going to have an amazing time! It will be the best weekend of your life.

Yes, we will limit the numbers for 2020 to ensure we can operate extremely safely so please don’t wait to purchase and end up disappointed.


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