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All Your Need To Know.

This is the Joburg Rage central information hub, any important information will be uploaded here upon release.


Every year we work harder to boost security and safety measures for Ragers. These measures include working with local police services and private security companies to monitor the festival across multiple venues. A comprehensive safety team is employed that includes the city, medics, The Red Frogs to ensure safety for all festival attendees.


  • Red Frogs: 060 733 3764
  • Medical Emergency (ER24): 084 124
  • Eyethu Events: 086 131 3000
  • Bad Boyz Security : 011 963 0413


  • Watch your drink at all times
  • Cover your drink with your hand
  • Watch your drink being made
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended
  • Utilize the buddy system
  • Don’t accept a drink if you don’t know where it came from


Use the buddy system:

You and your crew will undoubtedly get separated at some point. When arriving at Joburg Rage events, get to know your surroundings and agree on a meeting point. Partying in numbers will ensure your safety.

Don’t sell or buy drugs:

Undercover cops are inside all of the official Joburg Rage Festival venues. Don’t ruin your experience by spending nights in the police station or worse, being charged with a crime. Our policy is zero-tolerance, you have been warned!


Throughout our festival venues, you’ll find the Red Frogs – a volunteer support network for students. Their positive, sober presence goes a long way. These heroic friends of the festival stay up all night to ensure everyone leaves the festival safe.

How they help:
Make free pancakes (Just phone them to request)
Walk Ragers home safely
Help out in difficult situations
Provide counseling support

Save their 24/7 Hotline and introduce yourself to a Red Frog when you arrive.
Contact number: 060REDFROG / 060 733 3764

Parents are also welcome to call the number and request support.


What seems like harmless fun to one person can do lasting damage to another. Here’s how to:

Protect yourself

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Trust your instincts. If you’re uncomfortable, move on or out
  • Don’t go in alone. Travel in pairs and stay in well-lit areas
  • Date rape drugs are real. Don’t take drinks from strangers. Also, don’t set your drink down and pick it up later
  • Don’t get too drunk. Consumption of alcohol can lead to a lowering of your personal and moral boundaries

Help someone who may have been harmed

  • Help them seek immediate medical attention and notify safety personnel
  • It should never be brushed off or taken lightly
  • If the person who harmed them is still nearby, stay with the victim

Avoid causing harm to yourself

  • Remember that “no” means “NO,” even if it’s said politely. And, no answer is NOT “yes.”
  • Keep in mind that someone who is under the influence of alcohol is not capable of making responsible decisions
  • Monitor yourself. Some people cross the line without realizing it
  • Be supportive and a good listener—reassure them they are not to blame


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